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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Farm Bureau Insurance Agency Rating 4

Farm Bureau does a great job of allowing folks inside. They exist to serve their customers, so making the entrance accessible certainly brings in more customers and therefore more money.  After all, isn't that why businesses exist?  
Parking is easy, the ramp has a railing. They do miss a bit on the door because it is not self opening and there's about a one inch threshold. That can be difficult for manual wheelchair user. Most of Mountain View's buildings this way, I find.  

I give Farm Bureau a 4 rating only because of the difficulty with the entry doorway.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mitchell's Main Street Pharmacy Rating - 5 Best of the Best

Mitchell's Main Street Pharmacy

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mountain View Animal Hospital Rating 3 - they tried

Mountain View Animal Hospital

1900 W Main St

Mountain ViewAR 72560

Ya gotta give these folks points for trying.  There are ramps from the parking lot to the sidewalk and this ramp into the door. I had an easier time climbing Mt. Rainier than those ramps, they are so steep. And with the ramp even with the entry door, if you have to hold it open your self you will fall off the side of the ramp before you get the door open.  And try all this with two doggies on leashes.  What a workout.  

The bathroom is not accessible either. At least they had toilet paper.

 Rating - 3 Only because they tried.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Second Chance Rating 1 not accessible at all.

Second Chance Resale Store

(870) 269-5200

210 W Main St
Mountain ViewAR 72560

Second Chance sells donated or handmade merchandise and all proceeds go to the local animal shelter.  What a shame that we all can't shop in there. As with so many businesses on Main street in Mountain View, it is not accessible. There's a step up, so a wheelchair or scooter can't get in the store.  If you do manage to get in, the aisles are so narrow, displays will go left, right and center as they are knocked down.  Oh and if you are struggling with a walker, you are gonna need a door opener. 

Rating - 1 can't get any worse

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nancy's Antiques Rating 1 - Can't get any worse.

Nancy's Antiques & Gifts

And after entry, the aisles were so narrow and cluttered that my friend left soon and did not purchase anything.

What a shame that a business that people want to spend money in make it impossible to do so when minor changes would make the store accessible to everyone and increase business. 

Rating - 1, can't get any worse

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yelcot Telephone Company rating 5

218 East Main St.
Mountain View, AR 72560
(870) 269-3232

Yelcot is the local phone company.  I have watched them over the past 3 years as they have installed a ramp. When I first moved here, I wanted a landline phone.  When inquiring, I was told I had to come down in person to give them a deposit. Okay.  Oops, when I got there, there was no way possible I could get into the building, no curb cut, no ramp. I called them from my cell and asked how I could get inside. They had installed a drive in window to try to comply with the ADA laws. Gotta give them some credit for inventive thinking.

Their building is near the center of tiny Mountain View so other buildings could be inspired by the curb cut and ramp, complete with railing they have build.  Props to them. I have not checked the doors, so don't know if they are self opening or not. So far, I have found no self opening doors in Mountain View except at Walmart.

Rating 5

Friday, April 24, 2015

East Side Furniture Rating - 3

East Side Furniture

East Side Furniture has about a 1" step to get in the door. I judge this as not a problem. At least not as big a problem as say, a thick carpet. Wheelchairs and thick carpets just don't get along, whether wheeling on them or getting up onto them is a huge problem. So this little rise is just a bump to get over. Aisles are too narrow. I have never found any store including the ones who brag about their accessibility that has aisles that are wide enough to roll down and not hit a display smack dab in the way. At holidays, that problem doubles. You can certainly see that making money trumps customer service every day, all the time. What businesses don't realize is that by shutting out a good portion of their customers, they turn away money that gets spent online instead. Sure sounds like bad marketing practices to me.

Rating - 3

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts - 5

You can buy all the auto parts you want in comfort and with ease.  O'Reillys in Mountain View is a model of accessibility. Rolling in is a piece of cake, although the doors are not self opening. By the way installing self opening doors is easy and not very expensive. C'mon O' Reillys, you guys could do that in a half day or less.

So, if you need auto parts and pieces to fix your car, here's the place to get them.

Rating 5

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Southwest ADA Laws and Information

Arkansas Disabilities Regulations is a great place to start learning ADA laws and regulations. Want to file a complaint? Start here. Want to learn how to make your building accessible? This is the place to learn what is needed.
If you are a building owner, business owner or public official, know these laws. They have been in existence over 25 years already and need to be followed by all. Public education is what this blog aims for and compliance is the result we are looking for.

You will find a 'contact us' for individual questions.

Become aware of your rights and your obligations.

Read and learn:


Ozark Video - Rating - 5 Accessible

I know it's strange to see a video store still operating. Very few exist these days.What with Netflix, Redbox and other streaming services, most video rental stores have gone out of business. In Mountain View, most internet service is provided by satellite and very few folks own or are interested in owning computers, so the video store can still be profitable. 
This one has made the store accessible with an interesting and useable ramp, making it possible for anyone to enter comfortably.
I give them a 5 rating, best I can give and they deserve it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mountain View Gun and Pawn Rating - 1

Mtn View Gun & Pawn

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rand Park, Calico Rock AR Rating 2

In a beautiful little town just north of Mountain View AR, Calico Rock offers not only picturesque cliffs, hence the name Calico Rock, but overlooks the White River. Spectacular scenery, a ghost town that we don't even expect to be accessible but even so offers a wonderful glimpse into the past. In the middle of Calico Rock is a small city park, Rand Park.  While driving through the park, we find an an accessible bathroom, necessary for the writer. And what a wonder, it's accessible.

Even sported grab bars, a tall toilet, electric lights, a flush toilet and wonder of all wonders, toilet paper.

A bit down the road we find the gazebo

Oops, no way up there. I guess a wheelchair or scooter user is relegated to sitting in the grass with the ticks. 
Nonetheless, the town and the park are worth a visit. If just for the facilities alone.
Rating - 2

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dollar General - Rating 2

Dollar General
1609 E Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560

(870) 269-2444

Good luck with shopping in Dollar General. Oh, they have handicap parking and a ramp all right, but that's it.  You can get in the door OK, but you are stopped immediately with displays of merchandise.  The displays can spill out onto the sidewalk as well, leaving you to dodge around them. The aisles are impossibly narrow and crammed with more merchandise. Not only can you not get down them, but never turn a corner without knocking the Oreos on the floor. 
Ya know you would think that with Mountain View being heavy on retired people who more often have mobility problems that stores would consider that. But no, they don't and therefore the folks who use wheels to get around are denied full citizenship in Mountain View AR. And the stores lose business.  The prevalent attitude held by the disabled is that they are so sorry for getting in the way and don't appear in public often.  This town needs some political action and the disabled need an advocate.

Rating - 2

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gorton Land Surveying Rating - 1

Gorton Land Surveying

Friday, April 17, 2015

Julie's Piece of Cake Rating 5 +

(870) 213-8747

All the goodies Julie bakes in her bakery would make going to this store worth it if  you had to crawl in. But you don't. The aisles are wide and the entrance is friendly. It's truly a joy to buy a cake or pie from here.  Julie's strawberry pie makes it worth the trip.

Rating - 5

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Isbell Family Dentistry Rating - 5 best of the best

Isbell Family Dentistry

1510 East Main Street 

 Mountain View




This dentist is not only a great dentist, practicing with his father and a really good hygienist, but has all bases covered when it comes to accessibility.  There's a ramp to the office and accessible bathrooms and treatment rooms.  Doors don't open by themselves tho. 

It's funny how some exterior doors open out and some in.  The out ones are easier to grab, pull open and scoot in.

Rating - 5

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fringe Salon Rating -1 Steps Stop Entry.

Fringe Salon
  • 120 E Main St
    Mountain View, AR 72560

  • Phone number(870) 269-3132
So many businesses, located on the main street of Mountain View, are right on the sidewalk and as such need a high step or two just to enter them. We have an old courthouse square that forms the center of town and the buildings surround it. Fringe hair and nails is one of those businesses in an inaccessible building.  Too bad.

  • Rating - 1 Can't get in the door

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fletcher Chiropractic Clinic - 5

Fletcher Chiropractic Clinic
(870) 269-2225

Fletcher Chiropractic Clinic

(870) 269-2225

Although this building is not new, all efforts have been made to render it accessible. The entrance ramp is at the edge of the parking lot, has a nice easy slope into the front door. No going around the the back or off the alley. Mobility impaired folks are treated just like everyone else, and that's the idea, isn't it?

Rating 5 Best there is.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Stone County Leader - Rating 2

The local weekly paper is the Stone County Leader. It comes out on Tuesday and for the most part is like every local weekly ever published. They did try to make the building accessible as you can see in the photo below. That ramp is about 30" wide and in order to get in, you'd have to just ram the door in hopes it would open. If you are a wheelchair used, it might be possible to get through that door, maybe. A scooter user would not have a chance.  That's too bad.

Rating = 2 At least they tried.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Holt Chiropractic Mountain View Rating 1

Holt Chiropractic
103 E Main St
Mountain View, AR 72560
Phone: 870 2695678

I have no idea the quality of Holt Chiropractic services and probably never will. Here's a photo I took yesterday of their front entrance.

As you can see, if you are mobility impaired, you cannot get through the door.

Rating = 1

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ozark Eye Center - Rating 4

Ozark Eye Center • Mountain Home Surgery Center • Optical Shop
Main Office: 360 Hwy 5 North • Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-451-3315 • (870) 425-2277 

Ozark Eye Center in Mountain Home, AR is almost accessible. The doors are not self opening. Most of us know how to open a door and scoot through before it hits us in the back, but this is a surgery center, so if you are having cataracts removed, you are most probably not under 50 years old. The building does not support their population all that well.  Oh and the bathrooms have low toilets. It would be a simple fix, Ozark Eye Center.

Rating 4

Friday, April 10, 2015

Radio Shack Accessible Rating 5

Radio Shack
1112 E Main St
Mountain View, AR 72560


Easy access, great service. This is a good example of what a Radio Shack should be. This one specializes more in cell phone sales and service than the electronic pieces and parts that the Radio Shacks we grew up with.  They also sell and service satellite internet suppliers, Dish and Direct TV.
Rating 5

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rainbow Cafe Not accessible Rating = 1

The Rainbow Cafe
216 W Main St
Mountain View AR

I understand the food is great in this restaurant.  If you are mobility impaired, you will never find out because to enter the building, you need to climb a huge concrete step.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mountain View Eye Care - Inaccessible

Mountain View Eye Care
202 N Peabody Ave
Mountain View, AR 72560
(870) 269-3610
Chris Dietrick is the only optometrist in Mountain View and as such should have an accessible building. You can enter the office OK, but after that, the halls are too narrow. The building is on two levels with an @ 6" rise between the two.  The slope is carpeted and easy to miss even when walking. If you use a wheelchair, it would be impossible without a great deal of assistance. This along with the tiny exam rooms make the building inaccessible.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Co-op or North Arkansas Farm Supply Accessible

North Arkansas Farm Supply

Mountain View, AR

Your Home Town Store

Store hours Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00 Saturdays 7:30-12:30
North Arkansas Farm Supply Has been your home town store, since the 1940's. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ozark Folk Center - completely accessible

The Ozark Folk Center, the reason many people travel to Mountain View could be a model in accessibility.  They have worked very hard in past years to make all paths, features, gardens, music and craft areas accessible to everyone.  It was a challenge incorporating paths through so many levels, but the Ozark Folk Center succeeded.  Visit there if you can.


TD Building Supply, Mountain View AR

1802 W MAIN ST
MOUNTAIN VIEW,  AR  72560-8461
(870) 269-8200
Is accessible. They even have a scooter in the store. The aisles are a bit narrow, so collisions do occur. I think that stores don't realize that someone mobility impaired folks will shop longer and buy more if they are comfortable while shopping.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

  • Arkansas Accessibility Guide This is the beautiful Stone County courthouse in Mountain View, AR. It is NOT accessible to a wheelchair or scooter user.

Aging in Place and so much more.

Friend, JaneAnne Narrin, has a fantastic website, The Sage Companion Project and talks about aging in place, with ideas and resources for an aging and sometimes disabled population. http://www.whitehair365.com
ON BEING SAGE-Sometimes quirky, frequently imaginative, but dependably coherent tips and the lowdown on “what’s what”- NO AGE...

Bill Nixon, DVM - Inaccessible

Bill Nixon, DVM, a beloved Mountain View veterinarian's examining room is not accessible. One can only reach it by going up narrow steps in a tiny space.For those who are disabled wish to be in the room when their dog or cat sees the vet, it is not possible. The ADA has been contacted. I don't know if he has complied yet.

Walmart - accessible

 Walmart, of course, is accessible to those needing mobility assistance. During holiday seasons, tho, they cram the aisles with displays leaving the cart or scooter driver no choice but to knock the displays down or just not go down that aisle.

For Mother Earth - Accessible

A lovely specialty store on the Mountain View square, For Mother Earth is accessible to all. Worth a visit for all, not just disabled. http://www.for-mother-earth.com

FOR MOTHER EARTH was created with the mission statement to bring sustainable,...

Dave Hingsburger, Acclaimed Canadian Disability Blogger

http://www.Davehingsburger.blogspot.com is not an Arkansan, not even a US citizen, but a Canadian who writes the best disability blog I have ever read.