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Friday, April 24, 2015

East Side Furniture Rating - 3

East Side Furniture

East Side Furniture has about a 1" step to get in the door. I judge this as not a problem. At least not as big a problem as say, a thick carpet. Wheelchairs and thick carpets just don't get along, whether wheeling on them or getting up onto them is a huge problem. So this little rise is just a bump to get over. Aisles are too narrow. I have never found any store including the ones who brag about their accessibility that has aisles that are wide enough to roll down and not hit a display smack dab in the way. At holidays, that problem doubles. You can certainly see that making money trumps customer service every day, all the time. What businesses don't realize is that by shutting out a good portion of their customers, they turn away money that gets spent online instead. Sure sounds like bad marketing practices to me.

Rating - 3

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