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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rand Park, Calico Rock AR Rating 2

In a beautiful little town just north of Mountain View AR, Calico Rock offers not only picturesque cliffs, hence the name Calico Rock, but overlooks the White River. Spectacular scenery, a ghost town that we don't even expect to be accessible but even so offers a wonderful glimpse into the past. In the middle of Calico Rock is a small city park, Rand Park.  While driving through the park, we find an an accessible bathroom, necessary for the writer. And what a wonder, it's accessible.

Even sported grab bars, a tall toilet, electric lights, a flush toilet and wonder of all wonders, toilet paper.

A bit down the road we find the gazebo

Oops, no way up there. I guess a wheelchair or scooter user is relegated to sitting in the grass with the ticks. 
Nonetheless, the town and the park are worth a visit. If just for the facilities alone.
Rating - 2

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