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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dollar General - Rating 2

Dollar General
1609 E Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560

(870) 269-2444

Good luck with shopping in Dollar General. Oh, they have handicap parking and a ramp all right, but that's it.  You can get in the door OK, but you are stopped immediately with displays of merchandise.  The displays can spill out onto the sidewalk as well, leaving you to dodge around them. The aisles are impossibly narrow and crammed with more merchandise. Not only can you not get down them, but never turn a corner without knocking the Oreos on the floor. 
Ya know you would think that with Mountain View being heavy on retired people who more often have mobility problems that stores would consider that. But no, they don't and therefore the folks who use wheels to get around are denied full citizenship in Mountain View AR. And the stores lose business.  The prevalent attitude held by the disabled is that they are so sorry for getting in the way and don't appear in public often.  This town needs some political action and the disabled need an advocate.

Rating - 2

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