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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Backstreet Theater Rating - 4

120 Jefferson St, Mountain View, AR 72560
(870) 269-6200

Backstreet Theater is not a theater where you see plays and such. It is place to see great musicians 
perform, something Mountain View is famous for.

The building has easy access, but I have no idea what is like inside.  Often there is no space for any 
handicapped seating.  I have a nice picture of it, but once again, Blogger is acting up and not letting me 
load a picture and complaining to Google is not helping. 

I think I have figured out Blogger. It wants a two hour rest between publishing a post and allowing a photo upload. So, now you can see the Backstreet Theater.  If you ever go there, let me know what it's like inside.

Rating - 4 because I can't see inside.

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