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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mountain View Revenue Department Rating - 5

Mountain View Revenue Office

205 West Jefferson
Mountain ViewAR 72560-0365


Sounds really official, doesn't it, but, it really is where you get your driver's license. It's completely accessible.  Even the counters are right for people who live sitting down can easily use them.  The check out lanes are Walmart are not as well set up as the Department of Revenue.

Blogger is not allowing me to load pictures again today, so maybe later. This building is ugly, squat and square, but hey, it works.

Makes one wonder. In the early morning when I do this blog, Blogger will not let me add a photo. Now at 2p CDT, Blogger says, "OK, try it again. I might or might not let you upload"  Not that this is an example of fine architecture, but I told you that already. It works and that's what I care about.

Rating - 5

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