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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just for You?

"Just for you? You want me to spend all that money just for you?"

From a theater that is not compliant:

I need to categorize this under reasons we are going to leave this building just as it is and disobey the law that has been in place for 25 years.  

It’s not enough that we, as disabled people are devalued at every turn, we have to hear that spending one dime on making public services available to all is counterproductive and we are just not worth it.

I heard the other day from a friend that to get to a local theater seating area was up steep steps. It obviously had to be grandfathered in because it was a historic building.  So, that means that if they put on a show worthy of Broadway in NYC, I would never be allowed to see the play because the building was old and inaccessible.  

Old or historic buildings are not exempt or grandfathered in. 

And who the hell would want any reason at all that could be dug up to keep us out. Reminds me of Orval Faubus in AR in front of a school in the 60s.  And if you don’t remember that, you are not as old as I am and  need to be reading some history, rather than wasting time reading this blog post.

But the sentiment is the same. We will keep you out if we can. We don’t want your kind in here. We don’t want your money. We just don’t want to look at you. You make us uncomfortable, uneasy. We don’t know what to say to you. Should we ask what happened to you? (No.) You see, you just don’t get it. All we want to do is see a friggin’ play. And because you think that you have special status, we can’t.

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