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Monday, June 8, 2015

Jackson Hewitt Rating - 5

Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation
211 E Washington St, Mountain View, AR 72560
(870) 269-7676

Speaking of taxes and we were, weren't we? There's another tax preparation service in town. I don't use it because I get mine done for free at the Senior Center in Fairfield Bay AR. That's one unpleasant task that doesn't cost money to get done anymore. See, there are some advantages to getting old.

At least they make it easy for you to get inside. A little ramp to get over the threshold easily is in place. I don't know why the other stores don't do this. Easy and it works. One ramp and voila, they are in compliance.
So Jackson Hewitt makes it easy for you to give them money and in return, you have satisfied your obligations to Uncle Same.

Rating - 5

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