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Friday, June 5, 2015

Fast Food? Well, Yes

Have you noticed that every single fast food restaurant is accessible to everyone? There is no obstacle to entering, the bathrooms are completely accessible, grab bars, tall toilets, sink handles can be operated with one hand. If you have some weakness in your hands, possibly arthritis, you can still turn the water off and on with no problem.  Aisles are wide and easy to maneuver no matter what sort of mobility device you might use.  You can get to the counter to order, pick up knives, spoons, napkins easily with no help. Absolutely a perfect example of accessibility, those fast foods joints are.  Too bad they serve such unhealthy food.

Since the first fast food place I remember opened in Spring Lake, Michigan in 1955, they have been accessible. When hamburgers, fries and a shake were 15 cents each, they were accessible. Ray Kroc must have been psychic and a shrewd businessman. He realized before anyone else that his business must serve everyone. That was in America’s so called glorious 50’s, the era we all wish to return to. Auntie was still relegated to her chair in her bedroom, but dammit, Ray wanted her as a customer, so he built his restaurants for everyone.

Every fast food restaurant that followed McDonald’s has been accessible. Before the law, before we were recognized as real people, not as a burden to ourselves and others. We were never considered to have a job, a real paying job, not in a sheltered workshop somewhere. Funny, now we are. We have jobs as lawyers, teachers, CEOs, machine operators, or most anything we choose. And we spend money even it is on fast food.

 Twenty five years ago when accessibility became the law, fast food restaurants could lean back and relax knowing full well they were already complying with the ADA rules and regulations and had been for some 50 years already.

Wise business people those fast food folks.

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