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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson, Your Momma Didn't Raise You Right.

Ben Carson hates gays.  He would like to stone us because you see, jeebus told him we were evil and ya never know, being gay might rub off on him. Those homophobic folks are the ones who are usually the closet or tea room queens that we only read about.  

But there is another bunch of folks that Ben Carson hates more: Transgendered folks. I think he truly believes he will be overpowered and forced to wear dresses in public and everyone will hate him or at the very least laugh off their bloody asses at him.

He has announced he has a solution to his problem (in his mind only) of transgendered people using bathrooms.  He is going to build special bathrooms for transgendered folks. That way no one will be offended and everyone can pee in peace.  Oops, maybe all the trans people would be offended? Ya think?

Hey, Ben? How about adding to your solutions.  

Let’s have separate water fountains for transgendered folks? No one would want to drink out of the same ones that Caitlyn Jenner drank from, now would they?

How about separate seating on public transportation? The trans folks could sit, maybe in the back so they would offend no one, especially you.

Oh and don’t forget to make public accommodations like hotels, or nightclubs or theaters with special seating and separate entrance and exit doors for the scary transgendered people.

Whatcha think of that, Ben? Would it work for you?

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  1. Trans-gender bathrooms are a better solution to forcing women to be in a bathroom with a male who identifies as female, or vice versa. Sorry, but biological gender is a thing. Get butthurt at the Christian all you want, but what you really hate is that even Science proves you wrong. :)


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