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We are two disabled, oldish women who have been adventuring through life for years. We are talking about how disabilities, both visible and not, change the way we enjoy our retirement.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life Around Here

I guess you could call our lives unexciting.  I don’t, but bet most of you would. We live in the woods, not off the grid, but working on it.

For both of us being retired, we sure stay more than a little busy. We have an immense vegetable garden that we harvest enough veggies from to keep us through the following spring when we plant again. We are therefore only a couple of months without fresh/frozen vegetables. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that getting vegetables from a garden is cheaper than buying them. It isn’t. But having fresh veggies is priceless. Right?

My day starts early.  Usually by 6:30am this blog is posted and published.  Twitter keeps me busy for about an hour and then breakfast. In the summer, I am out in the garden for a couple of hours.

Now and during the winter, I am mulching, doing flower garden chores and trying to keep up with errands and day to day living that are more difficult when mobility is a problem.  

Hell, changing a lightbulb in a ceiling fan is a difficult job, takes both of us, requires getting a ladder in the house, getting up on it and then working above my head. That’s hard work. After that, my legs are shot for the day, but at least there is light to see the computer screen.

During the day, like now, a post for tomorrow’s blog gets written. I usually write a post 5 days a week and Donna writes 2.  One of these days we are going to give ourselves the weekends off. 

Oh, Donna Skypes with clients a few days every week. That takes time and is hard work.

We have the travel trailer for sale. That means getting everything spiffy in there and fixing what we didn’t even know what  broken. That takes much energy.

The bird feeders need filling, the dogs need feeding. It’s deer season, so they are confined by their invisible fence to 4.5 of our 6.5 acres.  They don’t seem to mind too much.

One of them, the blonde/red haired sorta lab mix was enjoying a nap on my bed the other day. That means changing sheets. Oh and laundry.
That reminds me, I need to get the laundry out of the dryer and fold clothes. Now.

And you wonder how two retired people ever found time to work.

So do I.

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