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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Old Things

One thing we have lots of in Stone County Arkansas is old buildings.  Seems as if it’s tradition to let an old building just deteriorate and fall down and then just build a new one on another place on the property.  No one thinks a thing of it.  

When we were first looking at houses here, we asked a prospective seller how much he would discount the price of the house for removing all those falling down buildings.  He was dumbfounded, but he did reduce the price. I think he never really understood.

We had a ride around the county yesterday on what may have been the last day of wonderful weather until next spring.  We found old and new buildings. Truck and cars too.  

So for Wordless Wednesday, enjoy a few of Stone County’s decrepit old buildings and vehicles.

The goats are happy with their house

Where else would you put it?

There's a car in there, really.

And a truck in there.

Not old, but pretty.

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