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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

We are having an invasion of ladybugs. More ladybugs are  hanging out inside and outside the house than you have ever seen before.  

The ladybug invasion has even made the evening news and the weekly paper.  Evidently some fall seasons in this part of the country offers warm places for the ladybugs to overwinter, so they come. And bring their relatives. 

They congregate on windowsills, on my scooter cover outdoors in the little cubby where I park it. They come in the house, how I don’t know.  Throwing the cover over the scooter last night was an experience in hearing ladybugs crunch as they were caught under the cover. Getting it off this morning was another strange and wake-up fast experience. At least they don’t fly.  

I tried to clean out our RV this morning. I vacuumed up millions of them. What else is there but to vacuum?  I hear that a citrus scented spray of some sort might help them go elsewhere, but I was fresh out of orange or lemon sprays, so they still arrive.  Emptying the vacuum was quite the experience.

They are not harmful. In fact, they are a great bug to have in your garden.  They really aren’t bugs at all, but beetles.  They won’t bite anybody. There are just so many of them.  

I have heard that people buy ladybugs for their gardens.  Hey, there’s a business I could start today.  Do they buy them by the pound? Or by the handful? I could just invite people over to take a bag or two home, but they are inundated by ladybugs too. 

It’s a sad sad thing that blog post writings are reduced to the ladybug invasion.  Now really.

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