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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Death triumphs over Disability.

This photo is making the rounds again.  

It’s a photo of the tombstone memorial a man had made for his son who died. It shows a young boy reaching upward from his wheelchair as if he is suddenly free of earthly burdens and on his way to Christian heaven.  And people cheer and applaud him because of his achievement of being free from his chair. Does no one realize that the wheelchair is what gave him freedom? If not for the chair, he would have been confined to a chair without wheels or worse, a bed.

And you think "That could be me."  Admit it, you do. You would rather be dead than in a wheelchair. Or on a ventilator, or have a limb amputated. Face it, you would not want to live disabled in any way. I don't blame you. I don't like it either, but it may stop me from getting into most places I want to go, but I do live life and all in all, have lived a great one.

This country and probably most others, think disability, especially the kind you can see is offensive to the eye, a curse caused by whatever gods you believe in, and in genera,l something to be ashamed of.  

Think of the money people have to spend to get buildings accessible to those worthless folks who roll around or are otherwise disabled. Or of the problems they cause in schools requiring different classrooms or different teachers, different curricula and for what? They will never be anything be a burden on our glorious society. And on you.  

After all, how could anyone be interesting, productive or worthwhile if they are in a wheelchair?  No one could ever want to be part of a group that the disabled were a part of.

You scorn those who are different, different colors, different religions, different nationalities. When you can see a difference, it deserves more of your scorn.  

Maybe we need a good dose of ethnic cleansing? Other countries are doing it. I bet lots of you think it could work here. 

Might be better if we could genetically discover who is going to be disabled and kill them immediately after birth. We can’t abort the fetus because that would anger the “pro-lifers”, but Jeb Bush would have no problem killing a disabled person after birth.

The dad who made this tombstone thinks that being dead is better than being in a wheelchair. Wonder if anyone asked the boy.

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