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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Choices and Decisions

Like you, we disabled folks have choices and decisions to make every day. Most people decide they want to go to the movies. They pick one, decide when to go, jump in the car and off they go.  

We do that too, but there are more decisions to make.  First of all, can we get into the cinemall. (I made up that word. Is it a real one.) It’s one of those places where there are 32 movies playing in the same building and you pick one, either you choose before you go or after you get there. 

Secondly, Can we get there? Gotta load up the scooter on the back of the car. Oops, it might rain, gotta cover it up. So find the bungie cords and tie a cover over the scooter. Where are the damn bungie cords? They were right here last time I used them.  

OK, the scooter is on the lift, in the air, covered up and ready to go. We keep Power Blaster spray in the car in case all the lift gears and various arms on the thing don’t work. Power Blaster is like WD-40, but better. 

Off to the movies.  Gotta find a parking spot. That’s not hard because there are plenty of spaces marked handicapped. Most of them are full of non handicapped folks’ cars because most idiots who have no brains and can’t read park there anyway. 

Scooter uncovered, lift worked, so scooter is off the lift and the lift is back up in place. Off to the movies. We hope it’s not raining because the scooter can’t get wet. Something about wiring not getting wet. If it’s raining we turned around before we even got to the cinemall.

Choose a movie. That was easy.
But wait. Most movies don’t have two places to park a scooter driver and a friend. They have but one scooter spot, so if you are with someone, you need to find a scooter parking place with an empty seat next to it.  

Finding a place to sit is a real crapshoot. Often you have to choose a different movie just to find a place to park with an empty seat next to it. Good luck with that.

After the movie, don’t even think about stopping for a bite to eat. Remember there aren’t many place to eat that can accommodate you. 

And you also have to take that scooter down and put it away.

It’s hard work, going to a movie. 

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