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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Take it to the Limit.

I often wonder what my limit is. I mean physical limits, mobility limits.  As far as mental limits, I don’t think I have any. I don’t wake up every morning telling myself I am disabled, unable to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I wake up not even thinking about my limits. I wake up like you do.  Gotta get up and kick start the day. 

But damn, I wake up sore and aching. Getting out of bed is tough, walking down the hall is hard, letting the dogs out is hard, starting email for the day just about requires a rest before I start.  Am I at my limit? I don’t want to think so.  It’s a sobering thought, for sure.

Peripheral neuropathy is a progressive disease. So far, as far as we  know, it won’t ever get better. That’s discouraging, isn’t it?  

But the medical community is making advances these days. New things are being tested every day. So I do have hope that I have new limits and it is possible that things will get better.

Stem cell transplants are now real. I have been in touch with an MD who offers it. He thinks there is a real possibility that the PN can be reversed or at least diminished.  Of course, insurance doesn’t cover it - yet.  And the cost is upwards of $10,000.00.  That’s more money that I have, but maybe the cost will go down as time passes, or maybe insurance will cover it. I have hope. Maybe limits will be pushed on through and changed.


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