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Saturday, August 15, 2015


People come to Mountain View, Arkansas mostly for the music. It is the folk music capital of the country, after all. I am reminded of the Cajun Zydeco, how regional and how popular it is when I hear this music. It’s local, but the songs are universal. Most have been sung by country musicians for a couple hundred years, having been passed down through families. Saturday’s performance is on Youtube. I have put up links so  you can hear a bit of our heritage.

Saturday night we went to a concert at the Ozark Folk Center auditorium. It’s accessible and it was all women performing. If you don’t have an hour to listen right now, listen when you have time:

See it on Youtube here:

Hear Kathleen Jensen, pianist and composer, and Dave Smith. Kathleen is now also playing guitar and performed at the concert solo.

All were great. Some were amazing.  This is a young girls band. They call themselves Twang. The oldest girl is 14, the little one is 10.  Watch out for this group. You are seeing future stars.

And I understand they have just made their first CD. If you see it, buy it and enjoy as we did.

We love the Folk Center. They spotlight local performers as much as they can. We have Clancy Ferguson, 17 now and getting better every day. We have been watching her grow up with a fiddle in her hands

We have Tina Wilcox, the Ozark Folk Center Head Gardener, herbalist and performer.

The music of Mountain View is famous and well deserved. With the naming of the town as a Music Roots town, this tradition will certainly  continue.

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