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Monday, August 3, 2015

What about you, Jan?

Obviously, I need to get around and in my own house. I had to get this house in order rampwise before I could do much complaining about other places. Well, I really didn’t have to wait, but I did.

These are the ramps I use to get in, out and around my own house. They were easy to build, the degree of slant is perfect for me and others. Oh, my doors don’t open electronically, but I can manage my own doors.

This is the ramp to my back door. The back door is the one that we use every day, almost every time we need or want to leave the house. It’s the closest to the driveway and the spots we park our cars.  I have it twice as wide because we learned that we like to put things on there while waiting to take them to the shed.  Or we need a spot for a small stool or the scooter cover. The little enclosure is where my scooter lives when I am not using it. Keeps it out of the weather and keeps the dirt out of the house.

This ramp goes to the shed where everything is stored.  Tools, extra parts to things. Well, you know because you probably have one too. This shed is raised so that when you back up a pick up truck, the bed is even with the shed deck. Seems that the builders of the house bought and sold antique furniture, so they had the shed designed to make moving the furniture into and out of their storage shed easily. Therefore I need a ramp to get up there.  Ya, I know it needs a railing on the other side, but I don't know what to put there that won't get in the way of backing the truck up to the shed and not hitting the ramp railing. Any ideas?

I have a front ramp to get to the porch. The porch overlooks the landscaped part of the yard. The house is build on a ravine, so the deck is higher than say, the driveway, by about 12 feet. So this ramp goes to the front door and then around to a deck that we had built around the swimming pool. That means I can go from the front deck to the pool, then down the pool ramp.

And then around to the front ramp. Not only can I make the circuit easily and quickly, so can our two dogs when they decide to chase each other while playing. Sounds like horses, or maybe elephants, when they play like that. Notice I used a ship's rope for a railing. That way it does not impede the view from the front windows overlooking the ravine. That's where the bird feeder is hanging as well as the humming bird feeder. Makes for endless hours of fun watching them.

Our ramps make my life pleasant while at home. I have no restrictions except I can’t go down to the creek at the bottom of the ravine. Well, I could get down there, but would have to push the scooter back up. 

And that would be no fun at all.

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