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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Post Katrina Rubbernecking

After tending to life changing decisions after the storm, we decided to take a break and do some sightseeing ourselves. After all plenty ofsightseers had driven by our lot with cameras in their hands.

These are the sights of Post Katrina surrounds.

Destroyed: Chalmette, LA Church

Chalmette gate
Biloxi Condos

We had no rain for 6 sizzling months after the storm. Here’s the result 

Katrina Drought

In Bay St Louis MS, the bank vault survived, but not the bank.

Bank vault

This survivor had  his own way of asking for help.


This house was abandoned. It probably could 
 have been saved.

                                                                        Abandoned house

 Nature didn’t take long to reclaim her own.
Overgrown house

For a long time displaced residents called FEMA trailers home.

FEMA trailer park

These folks wanted to work, but you had to be careful who you hired.

Trades people advertised on every corner.


And we never did figure this out.

We are starting to get well now, after 10 years. We left New Orleans and  stopped watching the recovery snail along.

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