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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Swamp Travel on a Scooter

When you think of a swamp, most folks think of a pest filled, stinking, fetid watery mess. It's full of snakes, gators and other scary critters.

 Men with long beards pole pirogues through it hunting for anything they can eat.  They don't want you there. And they have guns.

If  you think that, you have never really visited a swamp. The Louisiana swamps are beautiful and eerie places, full of, yes snakes and gators, but flowers and wonderful tropical plants and mosses. Visiting a swamp at dawn or dusk will put you in the middle of a hauntingly marvelous place, seeing exotic sights you have only imagined. 

To find an accessible trail through one is absolutely a miracle. 

I found an accessible trail just across Lake Pontchartain, north of New Orleans, LA

Cow Lily, one of the first water lilies to open in the spring.

National Wildlife Preserve in Lacombe, LA.has a fantastic trail that’s accessible for my scooter. 

I think a power wheelchair could travel it safely as well. 

The trail goes through the marsh, across swamps, on bridges and back to dry land.  In the swamp you can see fantastic marsh flowers, of course, turtles and if you are lucky, alligators.


Louisiana Iris, open in the spring

The turtles are so tame, they will come up to the bridge for a few cheerios that you happened to have in your pocket.  The kids love it.

If you have the chance and are afraid that you won’t be able to enjoy the Louisiana swamps, don’t be.  You will love the mystery and beauty of it.

Water filled with white water lilies, one of the many breathtaking sights in a Louisiana swamp.

This is a great trail, accessible to anyone.  Visit the swamp critters. Have a grand time.

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