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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Year in the Life

The dogwood is changing colors.  The dogwood is always first to become red.

 The year-long drought has dimmed the colors this year and it also made for fewer flowers last spring.  

The dogwoods started great this year until the rain stopped

The birds eat the berries, so they will have slim pickings this fall. As soon as the leaves drop off, the bluebirds arrive and start to gorge on the berries Good thing there are several dogwoods on our 6 acres. 

                                          But until the leaves drop off, we have magnificent red colors outside the front windows.  The colors change as the light changes. The sun comes up over the mountain behind the house and hits the dogwood in front late on a fall morning.

Oh, and oak trees provide their own special colors in the fall.

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