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We are two disabled, oldish women who have been adventuring through life for years. We are talking about how disabilities, both visible and not, change the way we enjoy our retirement.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

You Asked

My mother is 96 years old, just survived abdominal surgery, is home and doing great.

I have a friend who sold all of her belongings including her house and is a week into touring the world starting with walking the  Camino de Santiago http://www.followthecamino.com/ trail in Spain.

I have two friends who breed, raise, and train Arabian horses. 

I have one brother. He is retired from Ford Motor Company and travels in an RV from Michigan out west and to Florida.

I  planted onions and shallots last week.

I am going to schedule a stem cell transplant soon and maybe I will be able to walk without pain again.

I have two best friends I have had for over 40 years. They are two men who have been partnered for 50+ years.

Movies are boring.

I always am reading a book.

Leaving a client's house in New Orleans

I rode motorcycles all my life and only stopped when walking got difficult.

My first car was a 1953 Mercury, red over black.

I first noticed my peripheral neuropathy in 1995. Thought I had a ping pong ball in my shoe. Boy, was I wrong.

Walking around on the Mt Rainier trail

I ran away from home for an entire year to climb mountains.
I have climbed 14 of the 14ers in Colorado, Mt Rainier, Half Dome and El Cap. Took me several years.

Skiing  or I should say, falling in A Basin, 

I was a skier mostly in Michigan where I grew up and then in Colorado. I wasn’t very good, but still loved it.

I left school in January 1969 in Chicago and drove straight south to New Orleans where it was warm. I had a drink while listening to a live jazz band on Easter Sunday morning in the French Quarter, found I could take my drink with me and walk around with it. I didn’t move until a couple of years ago.

Scootering in Rocky Mountain National Park
While I love my scooter because I can’t get anywhere without it, I hate the idea that I need it.

What about you?

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