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Friday, October 2, 2015

Donna Speaks: Six Important Things I Learned Before I Was Six

Number 1
What: I'm not suppose to chew somebody else's gum.
When: I was 3 years old
Where: Underneath our family's first home in converted Army barracks in Alexandria, LA
How: Mom caught me putting a piece of 4 year old Rusty Marshall's gum in my mouth - from his boy mouth.

Number 2
What: I could see fish better when I was under water 
When: I was 3 and 1/2 years old 
Where: Valentine Lake, Kistachie Forest, LA 
How: I waded into the clear cool water and fell face first and floated.

Number 3
What: Bumpy, Gaggie, Namnun, or Eckie, were just regular names.
When: I was 4 years old
Where: In Alexandria, LA
How: They were my paternal great grandmother, grandfather, and aunt, and one of mom and dad's best friends.

Number 4
What: Chicken cannot swim.
When: I was 5 years old.
Where: When our family moved to my mom's dad's country home.
How: I ran after, caught, and threw a chicken into a big ole horse trough full of water.

Number 5:
What: Electricity can hurt you.
When: I was 5 and 1/2 years old.
Where:  In the garage on top of my maternal grandfather's car
How: I unscrewed the light bulb and stuck my finger in the socket.

Number 6
What: Snakes can get into your house when you leave the wooden door open.
When: The summer before I was 6.
Where: In my mom and dad's bedroom when I walked in to kiss them goodnight.
How: I saw a cottonmouth crawling on the inside of the screen door and screamed.

Have a good day, Miss Althea

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