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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stupid Questions

Do I ever get stupid  questions while I am scootering around. Whether it be at home or out and about, I can’t even imagine how people think up the questions they ask.  

Most often the question is, “Why are you using that scooter?”  Ummm, cuz I can’t walk very well, not that it’s any of your damn business.”

“What did you do to yourself that you can’t walk anymore?”  Same answer as above. 

“Did you break your hip?”  What is it about having gray hair and being female that the world thinks you have a broken hip?  Where did that come from? I have never known a woman who broke a hip. Have you?

“Do you work.”  Again, is this your business? The only worry you have is if I can pay my bill when you are done working on my car, building my deck or mowing my yard.”  But mostly just to not call the person names I will answer, “No I am retired now, but I worked for myself for 45 years until I retired.”

“Do you drive?”  This is usually as I am putting my scooter back on its lift on the back of my car.  “Umm, no, that guy sitting in my driver’s seat of my 09 Ford Escape with the chauffeur’s cap on is my driver.  Whaddya think? Of course, I drive.”

“And the best one of all and one I hear constantly. “Where is your husband?” 
I hear this one most of the time at home when I am interviewing someone to do some carpentry, electrical or plumbing work here at the house.  My answer every time is, “Gee, I knew I forgot something. I never got one.” I have had service workers leave if I don’t have a husband to hire them. Go figure.

“Then who takes care of you?”  Again, do I look like I need somebody to take care of me? Evidently to you I do. But trust me, I don’t. And once more, for the last time, stop it with your intrusive, obnoxious, unnecessary and prying questions.


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