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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hey, Look Us Over

We’re not different anymore.  SCOTUS said we could get married and with that we became just people, citizens who were just like all citizens.  We were always citizens, but somehow second class and, by damn, we’d better be happy with that.

Now understand the Supreme Court decision giving us the right to legalize our relationships was long in coming, but the changes are immediate and can be seen all over the country.

We now can see TV commercials featuring same-sex couples - they do their laundry, buy furniture, go on vacations.  We have always done those things, but now we are recognized as being consumers and companies want our dollars. They figured out that our dollars are just as green as everyone else’s and they would like us to give them a few.

We do still have the professional haters among us, the ones who make a living hating most anyone who is different than they are. They could not live without hate. The KKK is the most widely known in this country. Without hatred, they would not exist.

Lots of times they are politicians who whip their audiences into a frenzy of hate. Many times they are preachers who can do the very same thing with a congregation.  Their audiences are getting smaller and no one is really listening anymore. 

Mike Huckabee comes to mind as a professional hater. He’s a former governor of Arkansas and now wants to be president of the US.  (Can you hear the snorts from this household?)  He is hanging around with that woman in Kentucky who has whipped herself into some sort of histrionic frenzy because her job description demands she issue marriage licenses and she refuses to do so. 
He’s also waging war against rainbow colored potato chips. Really? Yup. 

Most people would get fired if they refused to do their jobs, but this clerk gets Mike Huckabee, and now, she says, the Pope, to help her get lots of publicity and be on her side, so she gets her 15 minutes of fame. She is riding it to the bitter end. So is Huckabee. The Pope is so busy denying it, he can’t get out of his own way. ‘Course, he refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses as well, so draw your own conclusions.

And the people in this state, the homo-haters, and we got plenty of ‘em, have turned their hatred toward some amorphous set of values they have embraced, and away from specific folks.  

We can get married and no eyebrows are raised. Our green dollars are accepted everywhere, people say hello on the street and wave when we pass in our car. 

We got a marriage license with good wishes attached, although I think the head clerk beat a hasty retreat to Walmart rather than sign a license.  We were prepared to wait when we were told she had to go to Walmart (at 10am on a workday?), but a quick phone call deputized an assistant clerk who signed our license with a smile and took our $60.00.  Cash, please, no checks or credit cards.

Oh, and we really don’t have the power to cause hurricanes or earthquakes or other natural disasters.  Imagine if we did. Watch out world!

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