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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Go to the Service Entrance

I saw an ad on FB for the Arkansas Craft Store. Interested, I clicked it and saw this pic:

I commented.

Sad that your building is not accessible for people who are in wheelchairs or use mobility scooters.

Got an answer back in moments.  Our conversation follows:

‪Arkansas Craft Gallery‬
‪in the back, there is parking next to the sidewalk to the door which has an inside ramp - but you do have to ask us to make sure the door is open.‬

‪Jan Goldfield ‬
‪Of course, we need to go in the back door and even ask permission first.‬

‪Arkansas Craft Gallery ‬
‪not exactly permission but the inside door to the gallery is usually locked - just a heads up. Call, if you can't make yourself known any other way. 870-269-4***‬

‪Jan Goldfield ‬
‪We must call first? Or somehow get someone's attention by screaming while sitting outside near the front door? Think about it. Would you go in your building if you had to go through that?‬

‪Arkansas Craft Gallery ‬
‪I'm afraid no one would hear you at the back door with loud noises - there are a couple of
rooms in between you and a clerk. We only have 1 person working at a time. I can tell you're angry, and I'm sorry, but we do want to accommodate everyone. The phone is handy, will be answered.‬

‪Jan Goldfield ‬
‪You are not alone. Only one or two buildings, places, ‬or ‪events in Mountain V‬i‪ew are accessible. No one here really cares about the ADA or being legal. We get used to being second class citizens, but don't like it at all. And if you sell anything, our dollars will not be spent in your store.‬

‪Arkansas Craft Gallery ‬
‪We built the ramp at the back door, and there is a sign to indicate handicapped accessible. I guess a doorbell would be a handy addition. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.‬

My observations:  So, if I want to go to the Arkansas Craft Gallery, first I have to unload my scooter and somehow get to the front window and make enough noise to get someone’s attention. When gotten, I have to reload my scooter on its lift, drive around the block to get to the back door, unload the scooter again, then hope against hope that the person who works there gets to the back door to let me in.  Then hope that the back rooms that I must ride through are not crowded with stock. I have never been in the store, so have no idea if the aisles are too narrow or not.

After all that, I really don’t see myself in a mood to look at anything the store stocks.

I might suggest that a ramp be built in the front, come out to the edge of the steps and then turn the corner and run parallel to the building to permit entrance through the front door like all the normal people. I’ve had it with being given the choice of no entry or the locked service entrance at the back.

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