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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lions and Tigers and Bears

After having enough food to eat, we want to be safe next, according to the Maslow Need Chart.  After satisfying our need for food, we wish next for safety from harm. 
Maslow Need Chart

We grow our food, so we will never starve, so we now want a safe place to be.  Not just in our town, but our little piece of the world.

Our house on the hill

We are safe here in our tiny house in the tiny rural town of Mountain View, AR. Yeah, I know there is nothing here. We have to drive miles for health services or a big box store.  That’s not all bad.  We are in the Ozarks, so our roads are windy and hilly.  Those signs you see that say, “Rock Fall area” apply here.  Our roads department stays busy removing rocks the size of Volkswagens from our secondary roads. I just hope that no rocks fall while I am driving under them.

We have 6 acres. Well, actually 6.59 acres of woods with our tiny house sorta in the middle and near the dustiest dirt road in history. That dust covers everything in the house in hours.  Maybe our driveway needs to be longer that a couple of football fields.  But we live with it and scrape the dust off the inside of the house when the damned grit starts changing the color of the furniture.

The dustiest road in the world

Our neighbors are lions and tigers and bears. Well, maybe not lions and tigers, but bears, cougars, panthers, squirrels and a raccoon or two or three. And the occasional armadillo, rat snake and copperhead. We like them because they eat any moles, rats or mice that venture near.

Our neighbors visit

We do not worry about our bears, cougars, and panthers at all. We love that they share our piece of the forest with us. After all, they were here first. We see them occasionally running full speed after the deer who share the woods with them. Sometimes the deer escapes harm, other times not. But that is the way of nature. She takes care of her creatures and tries her best to take care of us. We do wish tho, that the human creatures who live around here did not bait the critters with food and then kill them. They call it sport, but we know better. It’s just men killing things because they can.

We have our two doggies who run free and keep us safe from the mailman and the grandchildren of our nearest neighbor. They do a great job and save our lives from these daily life threatening people.  

It’s not hard to be nonmobile here. Oh, the stores are rarely accessible to me, nor are any entertainment venues, but I have learned that I really don’t need what the touristy stores sell.  In terms of disability access, Mountain View has no idea what it is and growls when anyone suggests changing a building to make it accessible. They really don’t care, so we don’t frequent them. Amazon becomes our friend when it comes to getting necessary things to the house. Fed Ex and UPS drivers know us by our first names and vice versa. Too bad we can’t spend money locally. It’s not because we don’t want to.

But we are indeed safe here. And we love that.

Dogwoods in the fall

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