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Monday, January 18, 2016

Donna Speaks: Serendipity Too

I was visiting Jan in her Lakeview home shortly after we'd decided to ignore our usual "rules of engagement". I had initially thought Jan was full of shit, but made an exception in her case - considering all of her other wonderful qualities.  Jan had sworn never to be in a relationship with a social worker (They're all crazy!) or a woman with children (They're nothing but trouble!).  Considering all my other wonderful qualities, she also made an exception.

We we sitting next to each other on Jan's multicolored floral couch in her living room.  Jan was narrating her photo albums:  childhood photos, family, past encounters, friends.

As we traveled through her pictorial history, Jan casually pointed to a very young, smiling woman: slim with long brown curly hair.  "This is Tina," Jan casually said.  "I met her at her Dad's hardware store." 

"Hmmm," I thought and tilted my head like the RCA doggie.

"Tina?" I said. "Yes, Tina.  She lives in Arkansas now and has for many years. She takes care of the gardens at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View," and Jan flipped the page.  I flipped it back.

I'd visited both Mt. View and Mt. Home, an hour+ north of Mt. View, many times.  My younger sister and her partner had moved there 20+ years ago, and continued to make it their home. And, my older sister and her family had lived there for several years.

My Mom and Dad also visited often.  Dad loved to fly fish on the White River.  My family had canoed and camped on the Buffalo River and explored its cliffs.  My boys loved Blanchard Springs Caverns and pontoon boat trips on Bull Shoals. 

One special night we were anchored out in the middle of this beautiful manmade lake, swimming and lying on our backs in the boat watching stars shoot all over the clear night sky.  

Mtn. Home and Mtn. View were special places.

On one trip, my younger sister had a gathering in her home and invited some of her friends.  Among her friends were Tina.  Yep, Tina Marie.  She was there just a' visiting and a'playing her gee-tar and a'singin'.

"I know Tina," I told Jan.  "Huh?  Whatcha mean you know Tina?"   And I told her my story.

After selling our home in Slidell, LA, I made my last trip from our old to our new home in Mt. View.  Jan had already moved there a couple of years earlier to supervise renovations and commuted from Mountain View to Slidell every few months.  I brought grand children with me.

They loved Mt. View and Mt. Home.  They marveled at the many fossils we found around our home.  After their first trip to the Ozark Folk Center, during which they traipsed along with Tina Marie on her tour, they wanted to return the next day.  They were in awe of Blanchard Springs Caverns, and hiked up the mountain from the springs. 

They returned during Christmas vacation last year and were treated to the awesome view of the White River and Calico Rock from the cliffs by my younger sister and her partner. Afterwards, we all hiked along Livingston Creek and sat around a fire we'd made, just a'talking.

This past Christmas, Jan and I had the pleasure of Miss Tina Marie's company.  Her scrumptious greens were a great additional to our menu.  She brought her pup, Brinn, with her so she could socialize with our Bella and Sandy.

We all had a grand time. 
May the circle be unbroken.

Have a good day, Miss Althea.

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