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Friday, January 8, 2016

Donna Speaks: Letter from Home

My first visit to my home town since I moved to Arkansas is winding to a close.  I'm full of mixed emotions.

I have spent time with my 90 year old Dad who is amazing.  I think he must be the second Benjamin Button!  He looks better and feels better than he has in years.  He is as witty as ever and continues to be a "social butterfly".  Dad has also become the patriarch of not only his extended family, but Mom's family, too.  He is loved and respected by so many folk.  And that love and respect is well deserved.  

I am so lucky to have him as a father.

I've also spent time with my wonderful grandchildren: Alex (19), Chyna (17), Autumn (15), and Martin (13).  They have grown into beautiful and independent minded young adults.  

Alex and her SO, Tay, are making their way very successfully in life on their own.  They have also given me my first great-grand-daughter, Ahmiree, who at one year two months is a precious, precocious little person already with a mind of her own.

My beautiful Chyna graduates this year and has scholarships waiting to pay for her college.  Her career plan is to become a pharmacist.  Chyna will succeed as she has in the past as a gymnast and as a cheerleader at her high school. She also fit right into our family, and my heart, when she and Mom, Afeni, moved from Los Angeles after her mom married my son, Tod, six years ago.

My red-headed Autumn (from her Dad and my grandmother) is our family's drama queen.  Always has been and I imagine always will be.  She is a gifted artist and she has agreed to collaborate with me in illustrating some of my stories.  Autumn has always been determined to be her own person and defies others to try and change her.

My black-curly-haired Martin is a computer wiz and practical joker. The last time I saw him was a year ago.  In those twelve months he has grown at least four inches and his voice went from a boy's to a man's.  He's my laid back, devil-may-care grandchild.  Martin is also very deep and sensitive.  He gives the best hugs.

I am so lucky to have these little people as my grandchildren.

I'm writing this today in the home of my bestest friend, Chris.  Since we were six years old we have always played well together.  Her friendship is precious to me and her home has often been my sanctuary and was our sanctuary after Hurricane Katrina took our home.  Chris is a remarkably strong and resourceful woman who has gone through some real crap in her life.  Three years ago, during the holidays, she lost her oldest child, Kim, aged 42, and her mom within a day of each other. This visit, she nursed me through the first damned cold I've had in years - a gift from my Dad.  I will be writing more about Chris in the future; she is a Healer and I want to share her knowledge.

I am so lucky to have had Chris as a friend for life.

I'll wrap this post up now.  I will sorely miss my family and my friend, but I also sorely miss Jan and our "children", Bella and Sandy.  I think this is kind of a nice dilemma to have.

Have a great weekend, Miss Althea.

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