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Friday, January 22, 2016

You are Temporarily Abled

Let's face it. When you think of plumbing and aging, you think about having to get up at night. You don't think about installing a different style toilet.  But installing a new toilet is part of aging, just as replacing other bathroom fixtures that you never really think about until you need them.

Baby boomers, those born from 1946 to 1964 are headed into retirement age and with it, diseases and mobility problems caused by aging. Boomers are insisting that houses be build or retrofit to include their needs as the age. Boomers do not want to seek nursing home or assisted living care if they can be independent. A few adjustments to their houses can make barrier free living possible. Many of those adjustments include bathrooms that can make the room safer for the occupants of the house. Making plumbing work for the house is more important than you think.  Ask your plumber what is best for your needs and wants.

In fact, builders are beginning to build barrier free houses. Building that way adds little if anything to the cost of building and makes it possible to live in your house when disabilities begin to impede your mobility.

Those of you who think you will never be disabled, you are wrong.  You are only temporarily abled. Think of your older relatives.  How many could live independently as they aged?  If their plumbing were modified so bathrooms were accessible would they be able to live at home longer? Why not make your home accessible when you are building it and not wait until you need to retrofit?  

As boomers age, we have needs for barrier free houses including taller toilets, walk in tubs, and showers that can accommodate wheelchairs.  Your plumber is an expert in guiding you how to best meet your needs.

Ask about different bathtubs and showers.  Some bathtubs are designed with doors in them, so you can walk in, close the door, sit down, fill the tub with water and enjoy a bath.  If you are shower person, some showers have seats built in, others have no lip and a wheelchair can roll in.  
You can get sinks that a wheel chair fits under or one that is mounted lower than regular sinks to allow easier use.  Even different styles of faucets for sinks, showers and tubs can make it easier for painful hands to use.

Toilets come in different configurations and heights so you can get one that meets your needs.

Getting older is difficult for anyone. Make easier on yourself. Oh, and stay in your home longer. Assisted living is expensive.

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