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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can she talk?

Several years ago, my partner and I were headed to the Pacific Northwest on a well deserved vacation. We would fly to Seattle, rent a car, drive to Anacortes, WA and take the ferry to San Juan Island. It was a long awaited trip and we love it there. It would be my first airport experience on wheels.

We got to the first security check point. I was in an airport provided wheelchair and my partner was pushing it.  I kicked my shoes off as ordered, so was prepared to answer questions while in my socks.  We waited in line until our turn. 

The security person looked at me, looked at the wheelchair, turned to my partner and said, “Can she talk?”

I could talk just fine and let him know immediately.  And perhaps a bit louder than usual.

Have you seen these sorts of things happen? Have they happened to you? How do you respond?

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