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Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Memorial Day

What used to be called Decoration Day is now Memorial Day. And our little town of Mountain View, AR, population well under 3000 people, is celebrating the holiday as it should be celebrated.  People have been cleaning the graveyards all week and by the end of today, they will be cleaned and new flowers will be in place. People here take this holiday seriously.

When I lived in New Orleans, graves and cemetery cleaning was saved for All Saint's Day, the day after Halloween where folks brought picnics to the cemeteries, whitewashed the tombs while having family time that included all members of the family, past and present.

As you probably know, New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so graves are built above ground. Huge concrete vaults that contain generations of one family have been built. As the vaults get full, old remains are just pushed to the bottom and new occupants are installed. Cemeteries in New Orleans are considered tourist attractions and tour busses stop at them.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, those vaults were rearranged and sometimes Uncle Louie dropped by for a visit.  It was hell getting everybody sorted out and back where they belonged.  I'm not sure if that reinterring was all that successful, but at least people now rest in some tomb,  just maybe not the right one.

Regardless this holiday is taken seriously both in New Orleans and in Mountain View. As it should be.

So many people have served our country. Getting only one day to honor them doesn't seem like quite enough. Think about it today. And tomorrow, next week and next month. If someone in your family served, say thank you. If a band marches in a parade at your house, let the booming bass drum affect your heart like it does mine. It doesn't matter if I can stand up or not when the parade passes. The feelings are the same.

I know this post is not about accessibility, but today is a special day when we remember not just my disability, but the problems that all our vets endure.  Honor them.

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