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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hilltop Country Market Rating 2

 Hilltop Country Market used to be a gas station. In fact, you can still buy gas there, but I don't think it's their main business.  It was a typical convenience store attached to a gas station. Now it's more of a restaurant with lunch served daily.
It's not in downtown Mountain View, but out a few miles from town.  You can see the entrance is raised from the gravel that makes up the parking lot. You can get inside with effort, but there's that door staring you in the face. Get the door open and you are back in the parking lot again. There's a ramp around the corner, but still there's that door.  Evidently all the patrons Hilltop wants can walk without assistance.

Hilltop Country Market
16150 Highway 9 Mountain ViewAR 72560 

Rating - 2

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