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Friday, May 8, 2015

Hipps Modern Building Supply Rating 2

Hipp Modern Builders Supply

1404 E Main St
Mountain View, AR 72560

Hipps does a great job until you get to the threshold of the front door, the most important one, of course. There's that couple inch rise that unless you have a rolling start, you will not get over it. And then if you do come at the door headlong, you will run smack into it. No self opening, you see. So going to Hipp's takes two people, one to manage the scooter or wheelchair and one to push it and open the door.  Almost makes you want to go to TD's where you can easily get in the door.
Hipps has narrow aisles as well, so if you get it,  you can go straight to the rear of the store and ask the store personnel to get what you need. Pain in the ass, that.  If Hipps just made a small ramp to get over that threshold, the store would gain several rating points. Easy enough. Oh, and the door could easily be made to open by itself when you approach.

Rating - 2, c'mon, Hipps, you can do better.

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