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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Dulcimer Shop Rating - 5 As good as it gets.

      Dulcimer Shoppe

1104 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560
(870) 269-4313

The Dulcimer Shop in Mountain View is near the Ozark Folk Center and a wonderful store to visit. Dulcimers are beautiful stringed instruments, looking a bit like a skinny guitar, but with fewer strings.  If you hear traditional mountain folk music, most likely you will hear a dulcimer. The owner makes dulcimers, and he is widely known for his artistry.
Of course, accessibility is easy as is moving about in the store.  The owner will sit down with you and give you a free lesson right there. 
Can you tell I bought one and find playing easy and most fun. The instrument was made by the owner himself.

Rating - 5

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