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Friday, May 15, 2015

Wings Shack Rating - 5

  1. Wing Shack-Cheeseburger Grill
  2. Barbecue Restaurant
  3. Address: 305 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560

Wing Shack is a huge and I mean huge building off Main Street, on the way toward the Ozark Folk Center. It rather looks like it was a roller skating building once, it's that huge.
But these folks serve wings and hamburgers. And wonder of all wonders. they have a ramp to get up on their deck.  
I don't know about the food because I have never eaten there. Their menu doesn't include vegan items and I am one of those vegans. But the parking lot is always full of cars and locals eat there. That should mean something, I suppose. The tables are accessible and easily moved if necessary. The staff is accommodating and welcoming.

Ya done good, Wing Shack.

Rating - 5

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