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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Days Inn Rating 4


703 E Main StreetMountain ViewAR 72560 

You would think that a motel in the heart of downtown in a small tourist town would really roll out the welcome mat for any visitors. They would make every effort to attract all visitors. i know it's an old building, but c'mon folks, you could have done better.  There's a tiny, steep ramp at the end of one of the walkways to the rooms, but that's it. I have not been in the motel, but suspect that there idea of a handicapped room is a grab bar somewhere or another. Let's hope you don't want a room upstairs because, well, maybe you don't want to stay on the ground floor because folks driving by can wave as they wait at the traffic light nearby. Or something.

In the bottom photo, the ramp is hidden behind the yellow post at the very bottom left of the photo. So small, it's hard to take a picture of it.

Rating - 4

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