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Monday, May 4, 2015

Wilson's Nursery, Oops, Rating - 2

Wilson's Grocery, highest scoring possible, has a nursery on the same property. No, not for children for buying plants and flowers.

As you can see, the threshold offers a problem, but not the worst one.  Gotta open the door yourself after getting on the concrete apron that is a  few inches higher than the gravel parking lot. I think they call it SB2, but whatever it's called, narrow scooter wheels, ever narrower wheelchair and walker wheels can't travel through the gravel. The aisles of the outside nursery are fine, but there's that gravel again. So if you can somehow get across the gravel, you can probably buy some plants for your garden.  You have to figure out some way to carry them. They have a green cart, but pulling one of those heavy things through the gravel and getting yourself through at the same time is well nigh to impossible.
Wilson's, you did so wonderfully with your grocery store, what happened with the nursery part?

Rating - 2

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