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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Do You ever Wonder what Happened?

Do you ever think about people you have known during your life, maybe even known well, but now they are no longer in your life?  One friend looked like Rhonda Fleming and went to Chicago for acting school? Another wore big boots and rode motorcycles. And yet another came through town and drank you under the table, then left never to be seen again. There was that photographer you knew for a few years. Whatever happened to her?

Do you wonder where they are or what they are doing?  Do you think about why they are not around anymore and what happened? Who really left? Was it you or the other person?

 Do you ever wonder if they think of you? And if they think of you at all, do they do it with fondness, with good memories or with disgust, and glee that you are gone, no longer bothering them?  

I wonder about many folks I have known throughout my almost 75 years on this planet. I may have known some in school or at a job. Some may have been neighbors, friends, even good ones, traveling companions or co-workers.  

But now they are absent from my life and I wonder why?  Did they get angry and leave on purpose?  Did they move away? Did they just drift away and move on to other people and things?  Did they want to move on or did it just happen?   

With all the online ways to find people these days, one would think that rekindling a friendship would be easy.  But it is not necessarily so. My generation is not as comfortable with the electronic miracles we have, so often are not in online data bases. And if they are, do we get back in touch? Or do we not?  

Is our fear of rejection so great that we dare not reach out again after, often years, of not being in touch?  

Do you wonder if that person ever looks for you and thinks the same thing?

Lots of question marks in these sentences and not one question answered, but that doesn't stop the wondering.

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