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We are two disabled, oldish women who have been adventuring through life for years. We are talking about how disabilities, both visible and not, change the way we enjoy our retirement.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Who Else Lives Here


Bluebird eating the dogwood berries

Along with us and our two four legged inside family members, we have plenty of outside critters to share our space. Some of them walk on four legs, some on two and some just crawl. We love all of our wildlife and would not destroy one of them ever. 

Some of our residents are poisonous, but we have an agreement with them. We don't hurt them and they don't hurt us.

Our house is free of mice and rats and other rodent like critters

They all add to our ecosystem, keep it in balance and provide pleasure to everyone who sees them.

Even the neighbor's cows come by for visits.

Even the panther and the cougar who ran too fast for us to get photos are welcome around here. We didn’t see the bear, but were told by the neighbors that he was wandering around looking for a snack.

Butterflies at Gunner Pool

Momma and baby in the driveway.

Red finch

Indigo Bunging at the birdbath

Scarlet tanager flying away - he's camera shy

Pileated woodpecker. Noisy guy and really big, about 18" tall

We do have other critters, but they are not all 'ready for their close ups'. We enjoy them from afar.

So now you have seen some of the folks we share our lives with and we are richer because of them.

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