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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Donna Speaks: Fool, Not Queen, for a Day

I've gotta suggestion to make your holidays lighter and brighter: Be a Fool for a Day.  

Go on.  It'll do you good.  Really help your mental health.   Make you grow so much as a person. 

What do I mean?  Well, you could wear a silly hat. Or when doing your make-up, draw your eyebrows uneven.  If you have a particular "body" gift, do it as you're talking to a co-worker or friend.  Two of my gifts are that I can wiggle my ears and curl the sides of my tongue up.  

I can also talk "Donald Duck Talk" pretty good.  Or, how 'bout wearing your shirt in-side-out and see if anyone says anything.  Don't you wanna grow as a person?  Go on, do it!

Some years ago, I waxed poetic about being a fool. The result was "A Fool Like Me". 

Here it is.

You call me Fool
Even if you do
Calling me
A Fool
Does not a fool of me make
I choose to be a fool
For I go where you dare not
Say what you will not
Do things you only dream
And even regret the dream of doing
Though you may 
beckon me
"Hey, Fool!"
I know
Your secret
If you could
You would
Be a fool like me

Happy Holidays, Miss Althea. 

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