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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Online Therapy

Virtual Counseling; An Online Option for Crisis Assistance

Since the internet has become available to most everyone, you can easily start or continue your therapy online with online therapy  Finding a life coach or mental health counselor online is easy. Depending upon your needs, you will look for someone with specific education and experience.

The Life Coach can be someone who can help you identify your life or career goals and give suggestions for reaching your goals.  The Life Coach may or may not have a counseling degree. Check the Life Coach’s references and vita before using his or her services.  There are many great life coaches out there. Finding one who fits you and your needs can easily be done online.

Another type of therapy is done by a person who is licensed, sometimes as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor. These titles can be different in different states, but, in general, are people with a master’s degree from an accredited university who did a supervised internship and had to pass a state licensing examination.  They have been or are planning to be in private practice.

Reasons for availing yourself of online counseling can be varied depending on your needs.  Often distance can be a good reason.  If you live far from a counselor’s office, online therapy can be a lifesaver.  If your problems seem to be physical or organic, see a psychiatrist or your primary care physician for diagnostic work. If you are found to be not in need of medication to manage your condition, then seeing an online counselor can be a great way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Another reason to do online counseling might be that your long term therapist retired or moved or perhaps you moved. You wish to continue seeing that same therapist, so you arrange to see him or her online. With the increased popularity of Skype, you can continue the relationship online.  

Online therapists are held to the same standards and hold the same licenses as the people you see face to face.  Before setting up any contract with an online counseling service, be sure to interview your counselor to be to assure you are a good fit. A good therapist might not specialize in your particular situation but will refer you to one that will better your needs.  

Donna continues to see some of her clients from South Louisiana even after we have been in Arkansas for over a year. They use either Skype or Facetime. It seems to be working for all of them.

Check it out. Online therapy might work well for you.

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