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We are two disabled, oldish women who have been adventuring through life for years. We are talking about how disabilities, both visible and not, change the way we enjoy our retirement.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sunrise on the Mountain

We live on the top of a mountain in Mountain View. This is not a mountain like you think of when you think of mountains.  It’s 1200’ high, so you won’t get altitude sickness when you visit. I doubt your ears will pop when you drive up from the town itself either. 

Our mountain is an old worn down mountain with no topsoil left on it after thousands of years of wear.  We have stone for soil.  Luckily we are manufacturing soil with leaves from the hundreds of thousands of trees we still have here.   Logging is continuing even as we speak as our mountain gets raped and ravaged by the greedy men with their killing machines and huge trucks.

But our mountain is still beautiful.  Our piece of it, our 6 acres is pristine. We allow no pollution in or on our piece of earth.  No pesticides or insecticides are allowed here. We don’t even allow cigarettes to be smoked here.  

Critters love the resort we provide for them and show it by doing no harm to us or our doggies as they interact. Well, the doggies must bark at the squirrels because, hey, that’s what dogs and squirrels do. Its the game they play.  Squirrels taunt them by coming down the tree and waggling tails to catch their eyes. Then as the dogs chase, the squirrel races back up the tree.

The back of our house faces east so a sunrise lights up the trees in front of the house and of a warm winter morning, when the fog is asleep in the valley, the sun wakes it up with scenes like this.

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