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Saturday, December 5, 2015

What Makes it Terrorism? And When will it Stop

The powers that be have decided that the San Bernardino mass shooting is terrorism.  What on earth makes this terrorism and Robert Dear’s shooting at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood  not terrorism?

Lots of people think that PP employees and patients deserve to be shot, but is that what we have sunk to in this country?  Abortions are legal and no matter what you believe, until they are illegal, you must leave those people alone. And what the hell makes you think that killing people is the way to force your beliefs on others.  We are sick and tired of extremists of Christian religion getting a pass because everyone in this country does not believe as they think we should. 

Chris Harper-Cooper, the shooter at Umpqua College in Oregon was a bi-racial conservative Christian. He only killed Christians and was killed himself.  Was that terrorism?  Why not?

What about Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook who killed 20 children and teachers?  Oh, that’s right. He was a confused, probably mentally ill 20 year old boy.

And Dylan Roof, who killed  9 black church goers at Sunday Services in Charleson SC.  He was a racist, a white one and certainly no terrorist. Being a racist is fine in our country. 

For that matter, we are getting sick and tired of the rabid religious right republicans trying to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives. 

But back to San Bernardino.  So because the shooters were of middle eastern descent, even though they were US citizens, born and raised here, they are terrorists. Oh and they are Muslim. Is that what makes them terrorists?  

Riddle me this:

What the  hell is the difference between the extremist Christian rabid right wing Republican, Robert Dear, who committed mass murder at Planned Parenthood and the extremist Muslim rabid right wing Republican who committed mass murder in San Bernardino?

And will any of this make people stop shooting everyone they please? I doubt it. 

As long as anyone at all can buy assault rifles in the US, they can shoot anyone they wish.  Of course the NRA putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into Conservative politicians pockets might have something to do with the shooting never stopping.

It is sad what this country has come to and no one seems to care.

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