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Monday, December 14, 2015

Get Out of My Bathtub!

We lovers of the outdoors and the critters who inhabit it have a skewed idea of how things out there sort things out. We think of birds as gentle and peaceful creatures who live out their days in harmony within their environment. 

Au Contraire.  The little and beautiful birds do not share nicely, are territorial and threaten violence at every opportunity.  Witness the scene at the birdbath.

This is MY bathtub. There's no room for you.

Did you hear me? Get out!

Not far enough. Keep going.

And stay there, ya hear.

No love lost in the birdie kingdom where baths are concerned.


  1. I turned my front yard into a bird sanctuary of sorts. I built bird feeders and bird houses and places them all over the yard. Maria and I even learned how to make a concrete bird bath because it gets so darn hot here I wanted the birds to have a splashing good time. So far we have seen all kinds of birds and have I noticed we have doves galore and the bird feeders were to small for them. They would watch the little messy birds eat and then the would fly down and clean up the scraps. I built a BIG dove feeder and now they have their own place to dine. I love to sit in my front yard and watch them all.

    1. Birds are great to watch. We both enjoy it. I throw some sunflower seeds on the ground for the doves and they love it. We have different birds depending on the season and love them all.


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