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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Adventures on my Scooter

Here’s my scooter.  It’s an electric machine, so it makes no noise and can scare the pants off someone as it sneaks up on them. I have to plug it in every night, so it will be charged and ready to use when I head for the garden every morning.  When I am outside in the garden or yard, my trusty Victory Pride Scooter acts like a dirt bike and carries me over rough terrain, on a slant occasionally, over tree roots and most important up and down the rows of my raised bed veggie gardens.  

Because it has hard tires, not inflated ones, the ride is more than a bit bumpy, but I’d rather a bumpy ride than flat tires to have to change. 

As a long time motorcycle rider, it’s quite the comedown in transportation, but when you think about it, my bike could never have gotten me around to pick the peas and tomatoes.

 It takes me most places I want to go and rides on a lift attached to my car.  I ride it onto the lift, turn the key on the lift and the scooter goes up in the air and rides about bumper height.  It gets pretty dusty, but that’s one of the prices one pays to get around.

Works great at the grocery store if the aisles are wide enough. It goes down all the handicapped trails in National or State Parks. I know that because I have been in them.  Biggest problems:  Not enough handicapped trails available.

My scooter has limitations, of course.  It can’t handle a steep hill, for instance, so don’t go downhill off road unless you want to push that scooter back up the hill.  It will climb a steeper grade on a road or hard surface.  It isn’t really a dirt bike.

My scooter won’t go on the beach. It sinks in the sand. They all do without balloon tires like you see on dune buggies. I check out getting them, but the price is prohibitive and those tires won’t do much better on hills where I am most. 

I took this photo at Nye Beach www.nyebeach.org/ near Newport Oregon

 because my scooter wouldn’t go down the trail to the beach. Or back up for that matter.  My friends enjoyed the beach. I enjoyed the view.

I would love to have a vehicle that could handle all terrain and I am sure such a vehicle could be built. But my budget would never let that vehicle park in my driveway.  And Medicare says, ‘Uh uh’. Oh well. My scooter is the best I can do and I love it.


  1. Sounds like a winning plan. Good to hear from you. Still hot here in LA, never dropping below 70 degrees, even at night! I miss SJI! No plans to go there soon, however!

  2. Glad to hear from you. I'm surprised you are not at SJI. Figured you would be there permanently by now. Take good care.


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