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Friday, July 31, 2015

It's a Wedding!

There's gonna be a wedding today here at our house. And we are thrilled. 


Betcha didn’t know that Donna has been ordained as a minister and therefore is officially capable of officially marrying people.  Because of that, two friends of many years are traveling from Texas to Mountain View so Donna can officiate at their wedding. 

Together over 40 years, our friends are marrying finally because (remember) we are now real citizens with real equal rights under the Constitution of the United States.

The weather has finally gotten a bit cooler, so we will have the wedding outside near the pond.  I have built several ponds specifically for weddings in the past and told owners that they must be careful because nervous young brides and bridesmaids can have a bit of a need to use the bathroom the minute they hear the waterfall. And that can’t happen as they are lined up to meet the bride. 

The waterfall with water lilites

I rather doubt that will happen with our seasoned and comfortable couple tonight.  

They are writing vows now. I will be the photographer during the ceremony.  I’m excited. With their permission, I shall post photos soon.

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