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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grand Canyon Scootering

Scootering Travels Continue

While we were down near the four corners where Colorado, Utah,New Mexico and Arizona meet, of course, we had to see the Grand Canyon, that huge hole in the ground we love so much in this country.  Both of us are amateur photographers and scootering does not stop me from using a camera.  It does preclude lying on the ground to take a pic or climbing a tree to get a better composition, but with the Grand Canyon, there’s really no such thing as a bad photo.

I can’t hike to the bottom again, nor can I ride a burro. Thankfully I have done those things 40ish years ago, so do not need to repeat it. Especially the burro ride. That was one harrowing experience. How did that burro know where to put its feet to not fall off? Has one ever fallen off? How about if anyone ever fell off a burro?  He stayed put, but the rider went tumbling off into the abyss.

The scooter is limiting as far as leaving the rim trail with all the other tourists. And they get in the way. Or stand in the way and do not move. They cluster up in groups and talk about what they are having for dinner and where. Or they try to get the entire family in the same photo overlooking the canyon with no one falling over.  That takes a very long time and I and my scooter become invisible.Don’t even start to tell me, I should say, ‘Excuse me, may I get by,” because many of the visitors do not speak English. Waving my arms just alarms our them: They might flee in alarm, but then they see me as some sort of deranged scooter rider, or maybe they do already.

The North Rim is equally beautiful, but there were miles to go on that trip to Oregon, so driving around the canyon was not feasible this time.

****Blogger is refusing to load photos this morning. I will check back later this PM.

But I had a great time.*****

Oh, and wrote the cutlines already, so I will just leave them there until I can get pics up here.

Jan, relaxing on her scooter

But is there a grander hole in the ground anywhere else? 

Finally at 4:40pm Blogger allowed me to upload photos. Enjoy if you are still reading.

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