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Friday, July 17, 2015

Bottom Five

I live in a tiny town in Arkansas, and in a remote region of that town even.  I left New Orleans after 40+ years of living there to retire up here in AR.  
I was reading a disability blog this morning named Disability Scoop. This fine writer gathered stats about disability access in all the states.  One would think that when I retired, I could have picked a state that had better statistics than Louisiana. Well, I did, but not by much.  Seems as if the South, as usual is home to the bottom 5 states in all the categories you can think of, the ones that are important.. Whyever did I think that things would be any different.
This coming from a native Michigander who did grad work in Chicago. You’d think I would have learned something there.

So, here is the blog I read:

Mississippi came in dead last for the ninth year in a row. In addition, the report calls out Arkansas, Illinois and Texas for consistently falling at the bottom of the list since 2007.

It figures.

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