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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wallowing Today

I rarely feel sorry that I no longer walk or do things that require legs.  Once in awhile I miss things I did without thinking when I was younger.   Now is one of those times.  We have houseguests arriving for a few days and everyone wants to go kayaking on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. So do I. 

Donna kayaking
But I can’t.

I grew up steps from a fantastic lake, Spring Lake, in Spring Lake, Michigan. It ran into the Grand River and then into Lake Michigan. The entire trip was less than ½ hour if you were going slow. I was as familiar with those waterways as I was with my backyard.  I was allowed to be out in a rowboat or a sailboat as soon as I could swim. We kids in the neighborhood lived in or on the water in summer and skated on it in the winter. I could not imagine not having water to play in or on.

Not ever.

After moving to New Orleans, I had an entire huge brackish water lake to play on. The infamous 13’ deep Lake Pontchartrain was always available and I sailed on it as often as I could. If I wanted to drive half an hour, I could be  playing in the Mississippi Sound in the Gulf of Mexico.  Boating and swimming have always been part of my life.

Water moves, Donna maneuvers through it

Friend kayaks

So, my friends are going to play on the Buffalo River. And I’m not.

So I am wallowing in self pity today. 

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